Shrike Fine Scale Model Kit

Border Break: Sega Network Robot Wars (ボーダーブレイク, Bōdā Bureiku), is an action arcade game developed by Sega.

Each robot in the Border Break Series is built on the universal core “Cross Frame” allowing fans to interchange parts. Fully equipped with “Smack Shot (Shot Gun)”, “Heavy Mine (Heavy Explosive Land Mine)”,  “Lark Spy Plane (Miniature Surveillance Drone)” and “Repair Unit”. Fully capable and ready to back up your troop as a suport force unit.

Just like the game, fans can attach the mounter on both sides of the body and front arms. In addition, the repair unit can be placed onto mounter on the back.

The booster nozzle on both sides of its thigh can be elongated by replacing parts!

Dimensions: 1/35 Scale (15 cm Tall)

Item Code: FAA04
UPC Code: 603259999790
Supplier: Kotobukiya
Release Date: In stock