By now you will have heard about the new digital trading card game ‘Infinity Wars’ by Lightmare Studios, a free-to-play game with actual animated trading cards that can be played on your phone, PC or tablet!

How does this help your store?

Firstly, by placing the poster in store, customers can choose you as their preferred store when making a pledge. You will then receive 25% of all pledges attributed to your store! Furthermore, customers are rewarded with their own online gifts based on the amount they pledge. The highest pledger so far has come from a Toyworld that spoke about the campaign with a customer – the customer pledged $450, entitling the store to receive $112.50!

Secondly, the campaign draws to an end on 1st December 2012, with the campaign already exceeding the $5,000 target! This ensures that Lightmare Studios can go on to develop a line of product that will be sold in store for Infinity Wars!

Infinity Wars “Credit” Cards sold in retail stores:

Lightmare Studios will develop a number of in store SKU’s to have stores be paid for people buying Infinity Wars credit from them to use in the game. These “credit” cards will have EXTRA Infinity Wars credit on them (as opposed to purchasing credit online) so players will much prefer purchasing from them in store. In addition, these cards will be a collectible item with several editions of art from Infinity Wars, and very likely to be a lenticular print so the card will still animate!

Be a part of the new revolution in trading card games!

For any enquiries please call (03) 9799 3422 and we’ll be happy to chat more on how Infinity Wars can help your store!