Please contact stores for dates and details

Good Games Melbourne – 3rd Feb
Good Games Ballarat – 3rd Feb
Good Games Burwood – 3rd Feb
Elllison Hawker Hobart – 3rd Feb
Battleaxe Kingston – 9th Feb
Fast Break – 2nd Feb
Poketard – 2nd/3rd Feb
Next Level Games – 2nd Feb
Good Games Geelong – 2nd Feb
Good Games Brisbane – 3rd Feb
Good Games Wollongong – 2nd Feb
Bay Dragon – 3rd Feb
Battleaxe Burnie – 2nd Feb
Battleaxe Scottsdale – 8th Feb
Gametraders Marion – 2nd Feb
Good Games Sydney – 3rd Feb
Good Games Miranda – 3rd Feb
Good Game Werribee – 3rd Feb
Gametraders Mildura – Date to be assigned
Gametraders Parramatta – 2nd Feb
Gametraders Blacktown – 3rd Feb
Bathurst Games and Puzzles – 3rd Feb
Card House – Date to be assigned
R & H Gameing – Date to be assigned
Justice Comics – Date to be assigned
Tactics – 3rd Feb
Good Games Launceston – 3rd Feb
Megagames – 2nd Feb
Coventry Square – 2nd Feb
Games Laboratory – 2nd Feb
Good Games Newcastle – 3rd Feb
Infinity Games – Date to be assigned
Mind Games Canberra – Date to be assigned
Gametraders Fountain Gate – Date to be assigned
Hobby Matrix – Date to be assigned