About Pokemon TCG Leagues

Leagues represent the most basic level of Organized Play for the Pokémon TCG. Pokémon Leagues are casual environments for players who wish to participate in a structured casual event, without the additional stress of playing in a tournament. However if your primary player are seasoned players, you can change your league
structure to suit them.

Leagues are available to everyone, but all applications must be first approved by The Pokémon Company International.

Email marketing @bantertoys.com.au to request for your Pokemon TCG How To Run a League information pack


About Pokemon TCG Pre-Releases

Pre-Releases happen every 3-4 months a year and are casual events. Pre-Releases are sealed events, where players are able to play with cards from the
latest set before the offi cial sale date.

Pre-releases are awarded to stores that have continually placed a strong emphasis on Pokémon at their location. Due to stock restrictions Pre-Releases are based on an allocation system.

Email angela.stuart-jones @bantertoys.com.au to discuss how your store can run a pre-release event


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