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Rock, Paper Scissors, Duellerz! A FAST, FUN and STRATEGIC card game!


A FAST, FUN and STRATEGIC card game for you and your family.

Enjoy a fast paced, high intensity game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS…….with a twist! It’s your beloved childhood favourite game in card form.

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Pokémon Unite is coming very soon!

Pokémon Unite is coming very soon on Nintendo Switch and later on Mobile! Have you seen the trailer yet?

Check it out here:

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Katy Perry’s “Electric” is out now!

Katy Perry - ElectricThe official music video for Katy Perry’s collaboration with Pokémon is out now!
Click the above image to watch the music video!

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DJ Pikachu Lightning Remix

DJ Pikachu has dropped an electrifying new remix! 🎶⚡️

Check out your favourite Pokémon video game music and sounds remixed as a hot new track and set to a shocking light show!

Click here to watch full video.

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