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About Banter Toys

Banter Toys & Collectibles are a leading distributor of licensed entertainment toys and collectibles in Australia and New Zealand.

Established in 1988, Banter Toys have been servicing mass market and specialty retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Our head office is located in Melbourne Australia. We are the market leader in trading cards, and have a growing toy business.

The company is able to offer it’s supplier partners very broad distribution beyond mass retailers due to its historical trading card relationship. The company attends all major trading card and toy industry events around the world and exhibits every year at the Australian Toy Fair.

Warehouse Service

Banter Toys & Collectibles has invested in its own Distribution infrastructure, working from the same location as the rest of the Banter team. This enables the company to provide first class, efficient distribution services to retailers, in both the card and toy markets.

An in-house team allows the flexibility to ‘Pick and Pack’ Custom Orders and ensures quick turnaround time. Once picked and packed, all orders are shipped with a reputable freight forwarding service, AXIMA and StarTrack, both of whom Banter have worked with for five years and who know the shipping requirements of Banter’s retail customers Team members attend toy and pop culture events around the world.

A dedicated, in-house distribution structure is a major investment on behalf of Banter’s retail customers and overseas suppliers. Some other distributors use a third party model. This is a lower cost option but does not provide the level of customer service of a Banter in-house distribution structure.

Our Suppliers

Banter Toys has worked with a diverse range of suppliers and licensors since 1988! Some of our supplier partners are:

Customer Portfolio

Banter has a truly unique position in the Australian market. Because of its presence in both the trading card and toy markets, the company has the broadest distribution of ANY distributor.

This distribution includes department stores, discount department stores, toy specialists, Australia Post, super markets, news kiosks, PNCs, speciality stores and, of course, hobby stores!

Mass Market Distributions

Banter Toys deals with all major Australian toy retailers, in both the trading card and toy segments. Major customers are:

Mass Market Distributions NZ

Banter Toys deals with all major New Zealand toy retailers, in both the trading card and toy segments. Major customers are:


Banter Toys not only services the mass market but also has strong distribution reach into the independent retail market, servicing over 1500 hobby, comic, trading cards and anime stores across Australia and New Zealand.