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Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 begins airing alongside Zexal on GO!



Heads up all Yu-Gi-Oh! fans!

You can now watch Season 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh! on Channel GO! in Australia at 6.00am Monday to Friday and at 5.30am Saturday and Sunday (yes, if you ever wanted to become a morning person this

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Trading Cards advertised to 200k Space Heroes players!

Space_Heroes_Universe_EDM_Rev01_01 Space_Heroes_Universe_EDM_Rev01_02 Space_Heroes_Universe_EDM_Rev01_03 Space_Heroes_Universe_EDM_Rev01_04 Space_Heroes_Universe_EDM_Rev01_05 Space_Heroes_Universe_EDM_Rev01_06 Space_Heroes_Universe_EDM_Rev01_07 Space_Heroes_Universe_EDM_Rev01_08 Space_Heroes_Universe_EDM_Rev01_09


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