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12.01.2011| New Moshi Monsters iPhone app!

‘Give yourself a monstrous Moshi Monster mouth with this fabulous and fun app’


“… Choose your favourite Moshi Monster, hold your iPhone in front of your mouth and start to speak. The microphone picks up your voice and animates the monster’s mouth on the screen. Choose from the huggalicious but bashful Poppet, the super-smooth, lightning fast Katsuma, the grouchy, slouchy Furi, the fangtastically mischievous lava-head Diavlo, the flutterly amazing Luvli, or the stitch-picking Zommer.

PLEASE NOTE: Moshi Monsters MouthOff is designed for iPhone. It also works with 2nd generation iPod Touch but you must have headphones with a built in microphone. Moshi Monsters MouthOff will NOT work at all with 1st generation iPod Touch.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: This application does not change your voice or produce sounds.”

Buy this application here: