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15.10.2010| Topps launch new Match Attax TCG!

For millions of football fans around the world the wait is nearly over, with the new Topps Match Attax trading card game that launches NEXT WEEK in Australia!

Topps, creators of Match Attax and the longest serving Premier League licensee, have given the collection an amazing new look and introduced some exciting new features to make the collectable trading card game a massive hit in playgrounds across the world.

There are 465 cards to collect including a new Showboat subset, as well as the popular Star Player, Man of the Matches and Hundred Club card sets. There’s also an exciting addition to the Topps Match Attax game play – a referee card!

To keep your collection in mint condition, there’s even a great new Match Attax Starter Pack and Collector Tin available. Plus if you want to get the complete lowdown on the game look out for the wicked new Collector Guide, which tells you everything you need to know about collecting and playing the game.

For online collectors, there is a new version of the popular Match Attax Live game on the website, whereby collectors can play and collect Match Attax with other on-line collectors from around the World! Presently the Match Attax website is the most popular kids brand website in the UK, generating 500,000 unique users per month. This is only narrowly beaten by 8 other sites including Google, Yahoo, Facebook and You tube!
Now in its 4th season, the latest edition of Topps Match Attax brings fans and collectors EVEN CLOSER TO THE ACTION!

More information about Match Attax is available at

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