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2012 Vanguard Aus National Tournament Day

The annual (and first ever!) Cardfight!! Vanguard Australian National Tournament was held over the weekend on Saturday 22nd September at the Melbourne City Conference Centre.

Banter Toys made our way to meet the lovely Reinnie, Alvina and Terence from Bushiroad Inc Japan and Singapore offices. On a fine sunny Melbourne day saw a great long line of eager Vanguard card players queued for registration from 10.00am – 10.45am. A total of 96 players were registered for the event, nicely filling up all the long tables inside. These players consisted mainly of people residing in Melbourne, but also a few from states across Australia. Each participant receives a Vanguard goodie bag consisting of a Vanguard promo card, pen for filling in score sheets, deck box and posters. A table of Vanguard product including both English versions and Japanese versions of the card game including Vanguard card sleeves (only in Japan) were available for purchase at the front.

A short opening ceremony began with the traditional “STAND UP VANGUARD!” shout from all players to begin the first round. Each round goes for a maximum of 20 minutes per game, the event would continue on until 6.00pm that evening.

Stay tuned to see who our Australia national tournament winner was!
The winner is flown to Singapore to participate in the Asia-Oceania Vanguard Championships on 11th November, with the winner from there to represent the whole of Asia-Oceania in the Vanguard WORLD Championships in Japan on the 9th December 2012.

Thank you Reinnie, Alvina & Terence for your kind hospitality. It was lovely to meet you all, until next time! 🙂
– Louisa Kwan (Marketing Manager, Banter Toys & Collectibles)