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Pokemon TCG World Championships Wrap Up





On August 15-17th players from over 30 countries participated in the Pokémon Worlds Championships. Travelling from all corners of the globe, players converged into the historical city of Washington DC. On Saturday August 16th over 500 competitors began the grueling task of playing in the Pokémon Worlds Championships.

With Pokémon enthusiasts taking residence at Walter E Washington Convention centre, it was a weekend of bliss for any Pokémon fan. With battling, Cosplay, trading and merchandise all available within arms reach.

Though we do not have a World Champion this year, a big congratulations to all our representatives at Worlds in both the Video Game and Trading Card game. This year we had multiple players succeed in making Top 32 in both the mediums. With a special congratulations to Dayne O’Meara, who managed to come 8th in the Video Game Masters.

With Worlds finished we see an end to the 2014 season and begin with the new Organised Play season of Pokémon next month in September!