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Banter at Monsuno Hoyts Special Screening!

A special event to celebrate the launch of Monsuno in Australia was held Sunday 3rd June at Hoyts cinemas based in Sydney (Entertainment Quarter) and Melbourne (Chadstone).

Banter Toys in Collaboration with Fremantle, Hoyts and Hunter Products Established two demonstration areas that saw over 200 boys attending to be the first in Australia to see and interact with the Toys line and Trading Cards.

Both Product lines were met with much enthusiasm with boys eager to play and engage with demonstration staff.

Our Trading cards demo sessions were a great way to showcase our product and teach boys not familiar with the brand and new to TCG gameplay. Staff familiarised boys with the different cards to collect, how to play via quick-play with the cards only and how to play using both the cards and Toys. Monsuno TCG posters were displayed around demo tables.

In addition to product provided for demonstration we also gave away the following items:
1 x Booster pack allocated per seat across the two cinemas (Total 500 Packs)
1 x Rare card handed out to everyone in attendance of the demonstration area (500)
20 x Starter decks used as giveaways via online and on the day Q&A’s about Monsuno.

The promotion worked extremely well!