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Canimals Christmas Apps

Meow and woof yourself silly!

Download your share of Canimals CHRISTMAS apps in time to entertain the kiddies.
Canimals has released a new bundle of FREE apps to keep you content and joyous this Christmas.
Visit the App store for further details


Play on the drums and keyboard as you listen to the tunes of Christmas carols!


Just like the original Canimals cake maker, this one is Christmas themed!


Ever played Tap Tap on your smart phone? Well this is Canimals version! Get the beat on time and you get a meow, if not then you’ll be hearing lots of howls…


Pick your own Christmas tree and decorate it with Canimals toys and tree ornaments. Once you’re done, email your tree to a friend and wish them a Merry Christmas – Canimals style!