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A single toy store has product of all different kinds, hundreds in fact.
So which particular toy on the shelf is the one that screams out to you “Hey! Kids love me, why aren’t you trying to find out more about me?!”

Well lucky you’re reading this! Because the Banter team know for sure that Moshi Monsters is hitting the bell of success pretty hard. How do we know?

Glad you asked… 🙂

The Banter team had a look at the Mind Candy office ourselves in London early this month. It was mind blowing, completely mind blowing. Not only do they use a gigantic tree trunk as a reception table, there’s a smoothie bar, a play zone with tons of toys, funky furniture and the walls plastered with an image of the land of Moshi.

What’s more is that we met the founder of Mind Candy, Michael Acton Smith, and had some chit chat about where Moshi Monsters are heading.

Here’s a breakdown of what YOU need to know about Moshi Monsters:

    A social site for children that educates through ‘stealth learning’ – the better kids do at the educational puzzle games, the more ‘rocks’ (the in-game currency) they earn, therefore the more cool stuff they can buy when they go shopping in the land of Moshi.

    Children can experience the site in different ways – learn to take care of a monster, engage in educational puzzle games, socialize with other Monsters in a safe environment, earn rocks to feed your monster and maintain your house.

    Mind Candy have spread the Moshi love with trading card games, stickers, plush, and all sorts of product that children love. The characters is key to Moshi’s success. Children learn to love their monster and care for their characters. With these products based on these characters, it will create another way for children to experience the brand.

    Children are growing up using the web. As Michael states, “Moshi is almost like a social network with training wheels on… far better that at least there’s a little buffer like Moshi rather than them just getting dropped straight into Facebook”. Mind Candy spend a lot of time to ensure the site is maintained as a safe environment for children to learn, explore, and socialize.

    The world wide web is what children are growing up with and as Michael puts it, “it’s not right or wrong, it’s just the way of the world”.

The Banter team are thrilled to be supporting this “Moshi empire” where both learning and play are combined and then incorporated into the digital world of today.

Find out for yourself, adopt your own Moshi Monster at

Quotes and information sourced from BBC News article “Look out, there are monsters about” – published 24th September 2011.
Click here to view the full article.