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Gametraders/PokeCollection Dragons Exalted Promo!

From today until the 15th August this year, Gametraders stores are distributing an exclusive flyer with a QR code to promote the release of the new Pokemon TCG Black & White Dragons Exalted expansion! The code once scanned will direct you to links to both Facebook and YouTube page of PokeCollection – the amazing channel sponsored by Banter Toys & Collectibles and other partners, providing exclusive product announcements, product openings, giveaways and a social space for fans to interact.

To celebrate the upcoming Dragons Exalted expansion, both Gametraders and PokeCollection will offer exclusive product opening vids of the booster packets after the pre-release, with PokeCollection offering Dragons Exalted packet giveaways!

Scan the code, and stay tuned to PokeCollection for more Dragons Exalted action and prizes!