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Minecraft, Pokemon, My Little Pony and More at Armageddon Melbourne!




On the weekend of 19th – 20th October, Banter Toys introduced the highly anticipated new range of Minecraft Paper Craft, Toys and Plush at the Armageddon Expo at Melbourne Showgrounds.

The Expo saw 22,500 attendees across the 2-day event with an increased number of exhibitors showcasing a diverse range of collectibles and general merchandise.

Banter Toys transformed an open space to a complete Minecraft Play Zone, displaying the toy and plush products from Jazwares and encouraging attendees to help build the paper craft shelter and snow sets.

Once again the Minecraft range was very well received by kids and adults! Parents especially were very impressed with the ease of building the paper craft models because it did not require any extra tools. As the paper craft kits come with so many pieces as well, lots of kids used pieces from the different kits to construct their own houses – the translucent glass and ice blocks again impressing a lot of the Minecraft fans. As the paper craft arrive in November we are confident that many kids have the Minecraft range in mind for their Christmas Wishlists!


Alongside our Minecraft product, Banter Toys set up an area for ‘Learn To Play’ demonstrations for the Pokémon trading card game as well as the upcoming My Little Pony collectible card game. Our show demonstrations have always attracted a lot of attention simply due to the friendly nature of our demonstrators and their enthusiasm for the games. There was constant activity in the card game area and demonstrators kept busy throughout the expo – much to our delight!


The Pokémon trading card game attracted new, current and past players alike so there was a nice buzz of activity with games taking place between beginners and the more advanced players. The conversations of the latest new release Pokémon X and Pokémon Y 3DS game was mentioned throughout the day so it was certainly a great time to be demonstrating the trading card game!

The My Little Pony collectible card game which has yet to launch into Australian markets spiked some interests amongst passer-bys. Not only did My Little Pony fans express their interest but trading card game enthusiasts as well. The MLP CCG is a very well thought out game with plenty of rules attached – adding much depth to the game. The CCG has been said to be similar to Magic The Gathering but instead of a combatting your opponent it works on the values of friendship like in the TV show. First one to solve 15 problems wins!


Banter Toys will be sure to continue these ‘Learn To Play’ demos so keep an eye out for us in future conventions!



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