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Monstrous Moshi Monsters

Did you know?

  • Moshi Monsters is an online virtual world game for kids, created by Mind Candy CEO Michal Acton Smith.
  • This game enables kids to adopt 1 of 6 virtual pet monsters that can be customized in various ways. Kids can interact with their monsters in their own virtual room, which can be outfitted with virtual goods!
  • Kids can also navigate their way around ‘Monstro City’, and solve puzzles to earn virtual currency, which they can use to personalize their monsters and their personal rooms, OR communicate with friends in a social networking environment.
  • Targeted towards kids aged 12 and under.
  • Re-imagining Facebook for kids: friends can leave messages on their pin boards, there’s a news feed, and also games, quizzes and virtual world activities.
  • On Monday 30th May, Mind Candy announced that Moshi Monsters has passed the 50 million registered users mark, and is one of the fastest growing children’s entertainment brands in the world.
  • In February this year, Moshi Monsters has racked up 35 million users, so in less than 4 months, the game has added another 15 million.
  • Part of Moshi Monsters exponential growth it seems is its movement into offline products, having launched toys, books, video games, trading cards, and even a ‘Moshi magazine’
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    What now for Moshi Monsters?

  • Mind Candy is working on Moshi Monsters music, live tours, TV shows – and even a Moshi Monsters film!
  • As younger generations continue to become more and more wired, activities thought reserved for older audiences are proving to be equally as appealing and successful amongst younger audiences.
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