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My Little Pony CCG 2014 Australian Championship Tournament


The inaugural Australian Championship My Little Pony CCG was held at Salvage Con on Saturday 27th and at Good Games Burwood on Sunday 28th September 2014. The event consisted of three stages (Unrestricted stage one entry, restricted stage two entry and Top 16 eliminations).


Banter Toys would like to thank all the players who participated in the championship tournament despite the change of venue and clash of scheduled events on the Saturday! We would like to thank Phil Sellars and Peter Bulfoni for their great help in hosting and judging the tournaments, definitely couldn’t do it without you guys. Unfortunately due to a couple of last minute issues with the venue change we saw a handful of players participating (21 to be exact). Nevertheless, gameplay ran smoothly and there were no issues amongst the players. In fact, many if not all gave positive feedback regarding the event and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! To us this was most important.

Banter Toys would also like to express gratitude and thank the management team at Salvage Con and Eliza from Good Games Burwood for their support in providing space for the players to engage in the championship tournament.

Congratulations to Soon Yang Teo, our very first Australian MLP CCG champion player, and Bendy Kins as the runner-up! Here is a list of the Top 16 Australian MLP CCG players. Thank you all for making the first MLP CCG Australian championship a success!

1. Soon Yang Teo

2. Bendy Kins

3. Broderick Bellew

4. Andrew Jacobs

5 – 8. Joshua David McKechnie, Steven Chu, Blair Oakley, Samuel Scandar

9 – 16. Roman Beattie, Cam Myers, Jessica Pinker, Rachael Knight, Fletcher O’Carroll, Jaudan Morrow, Nathan Sullivan, Nathan Rudge

Click here for more photos from the event