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Pokemon TCG 2011 World Championships

The 2011 World Championships was held over the weekend 12th-14th August in San Diego, California. And we’ve got the results!


Masters Division Champion: David Cohen (US)
Masters Division Runner-Up: Ross Cawthon (US)

Senior Division Champion: Christopher Kan (Australia)
Senior Division Runner-Up: Marco Facchin (Italy)

Junior Division Champion: Gustavo Wada (Brazil)
Junior Division Runner-Up: Kohei Takenaka (Japan)

Congratulations to everyone, in particularly the Senior Division Champion Christopher Kan from Australia!
Here’s a great little interview we read on the official Pokemon World Champs site:


How did your Finals match go?
I got pretty lucky. Marco [Facchin, Senior Division Runner-Up] got a lot of tails in the first game that allowed me to catch up after being down. Then in the second game, it looked like I was out of it again, but this time he ran out of Energy and eventually his deck ran out of cards.

How did you qualify for the Pokémon World Championships?

I won the Australian National Championships. It was a different format for that tournament, so my deck is different here.

How long have you been working on the deck you brought to Worlds?
I built it about three weeks before Worlds. I’ve just been testing it by playing against my friends, and making small changes to make it better.

Can you give us a description of how your deck works?
It’s a Reshiram deck with Typhlosion to keep putting Energy on it. It’s a little different than some of the others—I didn’t have any Ninetales, and I added more Supporters than other Reshiram decks. I think it made a difference by allowing me to set up really fast.

We understand that you had an inspiration for your deck from U.S. Nationals.
Yeah. There was a guy at the United States Nationals who won all nine of his Swiss Round matches who played a Reshiram/Typhlosion deck, so I started working on mine.

This was a huge crowd to play in front of. How did affect your game?
Well, I was nervous at first, but I was able to put the crowd out of my mind.

Next year you’ll be travelling to Hawaii for the 2012 Pokémon World Championships. How does that sound?
I’m already excited. And it’ll be a shorter flight from Australia!

Source: Pokemon World Championships Webiste