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Star Wars Spywares

New upcoming gadgets in the Star Wars Spyware line!

Includes exciting Star Wars-inspired tools for night vision, voice changing, and security.

Based on the ‘bounty hunters’ theme, this new line from Jazwares is sure to intrigue Star Wars fans and electronic savvy youngsters. Banter Toys & Collectibles is proud to distribute the following items from the range: Perimeter Droids, Voice Changer, and Night Vision Goggles.

Click here to check out the STAR WARS SPYWARES range

Star Wars Spywares in the Star Wars Insider!

We found a good detailed spread on the product in the Star Wars Insider – everything you need to know about what’s happening in the world of Star Wars. Click on the image to read the interview with Joe Amaro, director of product development interviewed by Insider (Issue #125).