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The Launch of Tube Heroes!


On the weekend of Friday 22nd May – Sunday 24th May, Banter Toys and Jazwares were in Sydney for the Australian launch of Tube Heroes!
Tube Heroes is a new brand of toys from Jazwares. These are the celebrities of YouTube, and are now available as a Super Hero, emerging from the Digitalverse! (visit for more information!)
Very special guests…. Antvenom, AshleyMarieGaming, Lachlan and Vikkstar123 attended the launch of the Tube Heores and Banter Toys was excited to be amongst the celebrities of YouTube!
On the Friday, Banter Toys, Jazwares and the YouTube stars, all went to EB Games and Zing at Macquarie Square to have a meet and greet. An overwhelming amount of kids attended, much more than anticipated! It was truly amazing to see all these kids meeting their favourite YouTubers! The queue was so long that the Zing store stayed opened just of us! The meet and greet was a huge success overall, with the kids totally starstuck! (Who wouldn’t be?)

20150522_162627 20150522_162807 IMG_4149 IMG_4117

On Saturday, it was time to get ready for Game ON! The Youtubers were introduced on the main stage by the host. It was then announced that a signing would take place at our booth, and like the day before, a flood of kids came rushing to get a signature/photo with these awesome YouTubers! Some die-hard fans returned to the queue just to get another photo with them!

Our booth, sold Basic Figures, 4 Packs, Captain Sparklez Swords and T-shirts.

20150523_091129 IMG_4201 IMG_4203 IMG_4212
All in all, it was a great weekend for the launch of the product. A great experience for us to hang out with the stars that inspired the toys in the first place! Banter Toys had an amazing time in Sydney and we hope that the YouTubers and Jazwares enjoyed it as well! We would also like to thank them for making the weekend so memorable!