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15.10.2010| ‘Tudes are coming to Croftminster!

Pens with an attitude – start collecting today!

A new product is on its way to Croftminster. ‘Tudes! The pens with an attitude.

‘Tudes is a line of collectible pens that reflects their unique attitude, style and personality and are designed for tween and teen boys and girls looking to express their individualism. Unlike boring stick pens and cutesy kid pens, ‘Tudes are stylized with edgy graphics and character designs that make strong style statements whether your cruising around your neighborhood, walking the mall or studying in the classroom.

You can read more about it here: ‘Tudes Australia

Have a look at the 3 different pens available as skater, tattoo girl and punk rocker!
‘Tudes products at Croftminster