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What’s Happening for Club Penguin

New updates from the Club Penguin Team!

Elite Penguin Force Secrets!

Penguins who want to help protect the island can become secret agents – and on August 11th play a new level of the System Defender game! Let your child know they can head to the Everyday Phoning Facility and join the Elite Penguin Force. Answer the call!

August Party – Snow Race!

Penguins love parties and the one coming August 26 has more than a few surprises. We can’t give away all the secrets, but we WILL say that a lot of agents will be required… Let your child know they can get ready to race by practicing the Ski Hill!

Be The Change – Think: We

In partnership with international charitable organization Free The Children, Club Penguin is excited to present Think We!, our fourth annual speaking tour and leadership program. It’s a fun and motivational tour designed for elementary students that we offer free to schools. Speakers will share stories that inspire kids to take action where they live – and around the world.

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