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28.07.2010 | Battle Bands from Senario Entertainment

The hot new trend with a collect and battle twist!


Let us introduce to you BATTLE BANDS!

The world of Battle Bands is known as The Maelstrom. For untold centuries, this was a peaceful place divided into realms of fire, water, and earth known as the Inferno, Aquaria, and Avalon. Each of these nations were ruled by one of the Great Cities: Mu, Atlantis, and Lemuria and defended by a powerful army.

Not long ago, a new force appeared in the world when the Abyss, a region of endless darkness, formed. The effects of this terrible place were felt at once.

With millions sold each week, BATTLE BANDS are the new Kids Craze!

What the media is saying…

“Across the country, a new arms race is on. Some kids say they have more than 100 each. Others tell stories about friends wearing so many that they’ve had circulation trouble!”
CBS News

“The latest kid craze is virally setting off retail madness, skipping from state to state aided by social media, instant messaging and texting. “It’s akin to what happened with Beanie Babies and Webkinz across our stores,” said a spokeswoman for Hallmark, which is having trouble keeping Silly Bandz in stock.”
Advertising Age

“They’re cool to trade, to collect and fun to play with and everyone is, like, going crazy about them,” said Kaitlin Thomas, 8, of Maplewood, who owns between 70 and 80, some of which were bought with money from her piggy bank.”
The New York Times

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