The Ultra Pro Footy Card Accessories will soon be available in stores where you purchase your footy cards.
Soon enough you will be able to find them in your local newsagent and card store.

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Collect all 9 Pieces Of the Puzzle to WIN!

Why You Should Protect Your Footy Cards
with the Ultra Pro Footy Card Accessories


  • Cards Increase in Value Over Time
    Did you know that the most expensive card in the world (Honus Wagner – American Major League Baseball player) was sold for up to $2.8 million??!!
    Keep your treasured cards in perfect condition and prevent any damage by putting them into the clear sleeves that are included with the Footy Card Deck Box or in the pages in the 9-Pocket Page 10 Pack
  • Keep An Eye On Your Entire Collection
    Never lose another footy card again when you store your collection in the Footy Card Albums! Each album comes with a FREE 9-pocket page to get you started. Insert your cards into the pages so that you can see exactly which cards you have already and what cards are missing.
    This is also a great way to show your friends your collection when doing trades!
  • Take Your Cards With You Wherever You Go
    You don’t need to take all your cards with you, but maybe just your favourite set of cards in a Footy Card Storage Box! We know a lot of kids use rubber bands to hold their favourite cards together, but the band will easily bend cards and cause a lot of damage. The storage box can be carried around with you or kept in your school bag and will protect your cards from getting scratched. Take care of your cards, they look much better without stains and creases!


Look Out For the Ultra Pro Hologram Seal of Quality!


How To Enter To Win 2014 Grand Final Tickets

  1. Purchase any item from the Ultra Pro Footy Card Accessories range (Storage Box, 9-Pocket Page 10 Pack, Storage Album) and inside your will find one PUZZLE REDEMPTION CARD.
  2. Send in your PUZZLE REDEMPTION CARD with your full name, age, delivery address, email address and contact phone number on a piece of paper to:
    Ultra Pro Puzzle Competition
    Banter Toys & Collectibles
    PO BOX 5830
    Cranbourne VIC 3977
  3. Banter Toys will then post you one of nine LIMITED EDITION PUZZLE CARDS.
  4. Collect all nine LIMITED EDITION PUZZLE CARDS. Once you have completed the 9-card puzzle, send in the completed puzzle in a 9-pocket page with the same personal delivery details to the above address and you will be entered into the draw to win tickets to the 2014 AFL Grand Final!
    *Your completed card set will be returned with a hole punched in each card.

Offer closes 08.09.2014
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Watch the Videos on our YouTube Channel