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BANTER starts next week!

We’d love you to meet Munchee.

And Munchee would like to say…

You may not have realized, but there is more to our business than just being

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New Kotobukiya Arrivals


Click on the product names for more information.

MK55 – Marvel Bishoujo Collection – Ms Marvel Binary Bishoujo Statue
PP431 – ORE NO IMOTO GA KONNANI KAWAII WAKE GA NAI – Kureneko Ruri Gokou Ani Statue

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Monstrous Moshi Monsters

Did you know?

  • Moshi Monsters is an online virtual world game for kids, created by Mind Candy CEO Michal Acton Smith.
  • This game enables kids to adopt 1 of 6 virtual pet monsters that can be customized in various ways. Kids can interact with their monsters in their
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    Photos of Sonic’s 20th Birthday Party

    Check out these photos we found online of Sonic’s 20th Birthday Party by SEGA!
    Odaiba, Japan (Thursday 23rd June 2011)

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    Moshi Monsters TCG in Hedz Up kids magazine

    Find it in the first issue of the all-new HEDZ UP kids magazine! Quite easy, you’ll find Croftminster’s ad just in the front inner cover!
    Designed in-house (June 2011 issue)

    This new magazine gives the latest info on toys, games, movies, music and more. Best of all,

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