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Expand your Moshi Knowledge

A single toy store has product of all different kinds, hundreds in fact.
So which particular toy on the shelf is the one that screams out to you “Hey! Kids love me, why aren’t you trying to find out more about me?!”

Well lucky you’re reading this!

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2011 Topps Golf Day

Traveling far and wide to meet with our licencee partners, it just so happened that Team Banter were invited to represent Australia in the Topps Annual Golf day held this year at the renowned Brocket Hall in the South of England. This gave us a great opportunity to mingle not

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Sonic Blue Blur App

SEGA has developed an iPhone app to celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary called ‘Catch the Blue Blur’.

Users capture Sonic glyphs online as well as offline at specific locations on their phones. Once you capture the glyph, it then triggers a blue Sonic to run across the screen –

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Top 10 Websites – Little Angel

Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters and Poptropica makes it to top 10 in Little Angel!

The latest issue of Little Angel girls magazine by Next Media has their top 10 websites voted by their readers. Check how our brands rank on the ladder!

1. Club “I

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Club Penguin at the Aquarium

Don’t forget to collect your Club Penguin card packets at the Melbourne Aquarium this month until October 16! The guys and girls at the aquarium will be handing out our Club Penguin Series 4 Water card packets during their Club Penguin campaign these school holidays.

We’ve given them

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Forever Clover at the Show

Look out for Forever Clover card packets in the Total Girl Show Bag at this year’s Royal Melbourne Show!

In each Forever Clover card packet you will find 6 Forever Clover swap cards. Collect and swap the Forever Clover swap cards, have fun with your friends. Keep them

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New Kotobukiya Arrivals


Click on the product names for more information.

MK26 – Marvel Comics – X-Force Warpath Fine Art Statue
PP440 – To Aru Kagaku – Mikoto Misaka Maid Version Ani Statue
PP434 – To Heart

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Poptropica turns 4 years old!

It’s September, which means the start of the Spring season here in Australia and New Zealand.
But that’s not all, this month marks the 4th Birthday of our new exciting toys – POPTROPICA!

Happy Birthday Poptropica!
Check out all the games Poptropica has prepared for its

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Moshi Monsters NDS Game

Awesome stuff coming through! Kids will soon be able to play Moshi Monsters not only from their computers but also their Nintendo DS consoles.

Activision Publishing and Mind Candy are bringing Moshi Monsters to Nintendo DS this fall in the upcoming game Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo.

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